Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Review


Forest Essentials Review – Bitter Orange and Cinnamon Hair Cleanser Shampoo

forest essentials review, bitter orange and cinammon hair cleanser,

These gently cleansing shampoos with Amla Juice, Ritha, Soya protein, Coconut Oil and herbal infusions give natural shine, swing and fragrance. Our shampoos, based on Ayurvedic formulae, are free from harsh sulphate cleansers. Coconut oil helps keep hair healthy, promotes hair growth and enhances shine.

Reetha contains Saponin, used in preparation of quality Ayurvedic shampoos. It gives a natural color and silky feel to the hair, removes excess oil and promotes hair growth. Soya Protein promotes moisture retention and has mild cleansing properties. Bhringraj is excellent for hair growth, strengthens the hair and nourishes and prevents dandruff. Shikakai fruit is popularly referred as “fruit for the hair” as it has a naturally mild pH that gently cleans the hair without stripping it of natural oils and encourages strong hair roots.

Henna provides conditioning, natural shine as well as strength to the roots of hair. Bitter Orange essential oil is very valuable to relieve stress while Cinnamon has scalp toning properties. Combinations of gentle plant-derived cleansing agents, adjusted to the hair’s natural PH, contain Phytokeratin with rehydrating and strengthening properties.

forest essentials review, bitter orange and cinammon hair cleanser,

Ingredients were clearly mentioned on the pack. Good thing is it is free from SLS or Paraben.

Product Benefits:

  • Forest Essentials Hair Cleansers are specifically designed to cleanse your hair without any harmful after effects. Bhringraaj, Reetha and Henna are well known in Ayurveda for hair. Actives from herbs like henna and thyme along with Lecithin provide natural cleansing with moisture and smoothness to make your hair clean with shine and manageability. Natural soap of Reetha gently cleanses the dirt and excess oil from hair. Ingredients like Bay leaf oil and Bhringaraj act as hair tonics to promote hair growth.

Ideoloy behind Forest Essentials’ Products:

  • Herbs are extracted following the method prescribed in Ayurveda for better potency
  • Natural derived cleansers are used instead of Sulfates
  • They are free from petrochemicals, animal products, PEGs, synthetic colours, alcohol and parabens, in keeping with the tradition of Ayurveda

forest essentials review, bitter orange and cinammon hair cleanser,

Forest Essential – Bitter Orange and Cinnamon Hair Cleanser

 Cons: I only have an issue with the Price of the product, but then with this product I do not have to use a separate conditioner. My hair is as soft as when I use a conditioner.

Note: This review wasn’t commissioned by the brand or it’s agency.


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34 Replies to “Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Review”

  1. Woah..they have whipped out everything good for hair and made this, Lovely product, would love to try it. I really really love shampoos which makes me skip conditioner 🙂

  2. sounds amazing and if you can skip conditioner with this yet it made hair soft, I have to give it a try 🙂

  3. Wow babe!! I never knew about this brand, until your post, but gosh..cinnamon? Are you serious? I am in!! I am so so in!!!! <3

  4. I am so glad you reviewed this product I have never heard about this brand till now.

  5. I think that’s why it’s quite pricey. It’s a good product to try. Thanks for featuring it.

  6. I´ve never heard about this brand, so thank you for you post. I have to try it. 🙂 What do you think about follow each other? Let me know.


  7. Looks like a great product. I love when body products include natural ingredients.

    Let’s follow each other on Bloglovin’?!

    xx Falasha

  8. My forest essentials to-buy list keeps getting longer…have to get my hands on this one soon!

  9. I have never heard about ‘cleanser’ being used as term for hair hair, only shampoo and conditioner. But if this product gives thw benefits of the two then why not give it a try regardless of the price. Great review by the way.

  10. I’ve always wanted to try these products. My list to buy new products keeps on increasing 😛

  11. Wow his looks like a promising product. I use henna dye on my my hair rather then using cosmetic dyes to prevent them from damaging.

  12. Never heard of this brand before, but it does sound promising enough to try it out! =)

  13. Forest Essentials products are absolutely amazing but always very heavy on the pocket. For this price, I can opt for something else.

  14. It sounds like a wonderful product. I’ve never heard of a hair cleanser before to be honest.

  15. ooo i love the sound the the ingredients and suited for my hair too

  16. I love a good hair cleanser, it helps get rid of junk on my hair and scalp, which sometimes a good ol shampoo isn’t able to do. It’s good to know that this product doesnt contain harsh chemicals, I’m totally on the organic/all natural beauty ship these days.

  17. Pricy! I had to check myself before because usually things like this last a long time… so I’m ok with spending a little more since it takes so long to finish a bottle. 🙂

  18. Oh this seems gr8, best part you share my hair type, so your reco’s are really helpful.

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