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Van Heusen + LnkedIn presents Most Fashionable Professional 3.0

Remember a month back we had a hunt all over India, for the Most Fashionable Professiona 3.0 by Van Heusen + LinkedIn? The results are out and featured here, are the Women who made it to the top 5 of the list and the Winner of course. Here’s is an exclusive interview we had with them to know more about their style quotient.

Payal Jain

CEO at Belleaza

Indian-fashion-lifestyle-blog-styleapastiche-Van-Heusen-most-fashionable-professional-Payal Jain

  1. Style or Fashion Trends – Do you follow your heart while styling yourself or do you follow Fashion Trends?

My innate fashion sense is a part of my life and it’s a peaceful feeling because it simply happened over time and as a result of being more aware of my personal style than ever before. Trends create a sameness that is anathema to my own independence of thought and expression. I would rather be a trendsetter by breaking all the rules, although I love picking up Van Heusen Limited Edition AW Collection. It’s insidious! Follow your heart above all. If you enjoy trends, adapt them to your own idiosyncrasies.

  1. What is Power Dressing to you?

Mixing and balancing masculine and feminine elements is the new power look. It takes sophistication, nuance and is harder to pull off (if it were easy, it wouldn’t be powerful). Pair a structured blazer with a full skirt, or wear tailored trousers with a silk blouse and heels. Pants can look feminine and skirts can still claim authority when expertly paired. Color and Fit play a big part in professional image of Power Dressing.  Dressing for work is not just about how you appear to others but also how comfortable and confident you feel. The fact is, what you wear to work changes how people view you.

  1. What are your work-wear wardrobe must-haves?

Fashion is fun, but deep down we all have a sense for what works for our bodies and lifestyles. No matter what’s hitting the runway, there are real life items, or categories of items, nearly every working woman should have in her closet. My all time must-haves to get noticed for the right reasons reputation at the office are:

The everyday essential would be a nice pair of dress pants, a pencil skirt, and a well-fitting blazer or suit jacket are investment pieces that are worth spending extra money on. I wear them a lot. The business dress code doesn’t always mean having to wear a suit, but owning a blazer is a must for topping off trousers, dresses, and skirts. A simple necklace, dress pin or pendant, an elegant bracelet and watch, stud earrings and hair clips are some basic accessories.

Rashmi Jyoti

Manager -Digital Marketing & Communication at Franchise India Holdings Ltd., New Delhi

Indian-fashion-lifestyle-blog-styleapastiche-Van-Heusen-most-fashionable-professional-Rashmi Jyoti

  1. Style or Fashion Trends –

Know Thyself: Trust your instincts, and wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Owning a signature item or two that becomes part of your style identity. It’s not about dressing one specific way though, prefer to play with own strengths.

  1. What is Power Dressing to you?

Be true to yourself – create your signature look is what the power dressing means to me.

I believe in the statement: Dress shabbily; people remember the clothes: Dress impeccably; people remember the woman”. In business you are dressing to have an impact on your bosses and teammates. If your clothes don’t convey the message that you are competent, able, ambitious, self-confident, reliable and authoritative, nothing you say or do will overcome the negative signals emanating from your apparel. Power dressing locates power at body level giving a message about women and their profession, enclosing at the same time something about self-esteem and confidence.

  1. What are your work-wear wardrobe must-haves?

A Comfortable Shift Dress, Flats or The Walkable Pumps, The Schlepper’s Bag, The Everyday Jewellery and Accessories, Business Skirt, The Multi-Purpose LBD, The Happy-Hour Clutch, The Wear-With-Everything Blazer, The Casual Friday Jeans are my Wardrobe Must- Haves.

Dr. Ruchi Dass

Founder & CEO, Health Cursor Consulting Group, Hyderabad

Indian-fashion-lifestyle-blog-styleapastiche-Van-Heusen-most-fashionable-professional-Dr. Ruchi Das

  1. Style or Fashion Trends –

I do follow fashion trends but not blindly. As far as I am concerned, there is no intention of fitting in or being up-to-date. A distinguished fashion designer may suggest his colour choice for a particular body type or an occasion but if I am not convinced or comfortable carrying it- May be it’s not for me. Fashion trends are only a source of inspiration.

  1. What is Power Dressing to you?

 Believe it or not, dressing better will help you get ahead in work. Hence, it is massively important that we all dress in a way that gives us confidence. One need not go overboard. Power comes from within and should be reinforced by what you wear. Most of my ensembles are timeless chic with a twist.

  1. What are your work-wear wardrobe must-haves?
  1. A well-tailored black blazer with a strong shoulder
  2. A crisp white shirt
  3. Bright solid or printed scarves
  4. An elegant watch
  5. Matte stockings for summer and tights for winters
  6. Patent leather comfortable Black pumps

Akshata Shanbagh –

Manager, Client Relations at Nuvolat Cloud Group

Indian-fashion-lifestyle-blog-styleapastiche-Van-Heusen-Linkedin-Indias-Most-FAshionable-Professional-Akshata Shanbagh

  1. What does Fashion mean to you and how do you define your style?

Fashion to me is own sense of style as it reflects our personality wherever we are. At the same time it means comfort but yet being Classy. Which means not only with the clothes but with your thoughts too. I believe in being Simple. For me style will be being hygienic, wearing neat and ironed clothes which not only suites me but also puts me forward as professional. My style is to be very distinctive and unique.

2. What does Power Dressing mean to you?

Power Dressing holds a lot of importance as it is one of the factor of non verbal communication. Power dressing reflects your personality and also gives a impression of yours to others. It also helps in providing the confidence at work. Power Dressing also put impact on your words while presenting your thoughts during conference and meetings.

Niharika Soni – who made it to the Top 2

Functional Consultant at Deloitte Consulting US-India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Indian-fashion-lifestyle-blog-styleapastiche-Van-Heusen-most-fashionable-professional-Niharika Soni

  1. Style or Fashion Trends –

My heart wins over fashion trends. There is no in or out for me in fashion,I prefer trying new things. Change keeps the freshness alive. I dress for the occasion & color myself with the color of weather, ensuring that it’s classy. I do not follow a certain look, with the right fit, the perfect cut, a dash of attitude and a bucket of confidence, my personal style comes across.

  1. What is Power Dressing to you?

For me, rich & royal colors, suitable accessories & comfort are building blocks of confidence and attitude. The whole combination should be smart enough to leave an impact on others. For me, too dressy or too casual is strictly a no-no at workplace. Dress & accessories should be elegant. Comfortable shoes are very important for confident walk & thus powerful personality.

  1. What is your work-wear wardrobe must-haves?

Skinny blue trousers teamed up with a white shirt along with a brown tote bag would be simply perfect for me anytime at work.For formal events, I go for a knee length black dress and when it comes to important meetings, I prefer wearing a peach color shirt, black mini pencil skirt with a black blazer. In summers, I go for floral prints, pastel colors and winters would be more of Italian cut blazers and greys.

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