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Its always been my opinion that everyone is Stylish in their own way and one of my goals for this blog has been to feature people around me who are effortlessly Stylish. Starting today you’ll find here a lotta people from all walks of life who I think are Beautiful and Stylish too :).
Moving on to the feature:
I met this Lovely Lady – Malvika (the Bride’s friend), at my B-I-L’s Engagement Ceremony. Draped in a beautiful saree – Coorgi Style, she definetely stole a bit of limelight *Wink*Wink*. That’s when I thought that I had to feature her and the traditional attire worn by the Kodava’s.
My Mom’s family hails from the beautiful Coorg District, one of the most visited hill stations in Karnataka, India (that’s why the soft spot for the place and its culture-in case you were wondering).  I do have a lot of Coorgi friends and I always admire how beautiful they look in their Tradigional Attire – the ‘Coorgi Saree’.
So here’s featuring the lovely Malvika in her Coorgi Style Saree.


 Malvika and my lovely Co-sister

Here’s a Tutorial from www.coorgijewellery.com that illustrates the how tos’  🙂 Simple and easy 🙂
Hope y’all loved it 🙂 Do leave me your comments. If you think you are stylish or if you know someone who’s stylish do send us an email to styleapastiche[@]gmail[.]com
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35 Replies to “Featured – Coorgi Saree: Occassion Wear”

  1. Hi chai… loved the write up.. The coorgi style of draping the saree is indeed unique n intriguing which u have portrayed really well..Also loved the tutorial.. 😉 overall a big thumbs up!

  2. Malvika does look gorgeous in her saree! It’s different from the ones I usually see though, are there many types of sarees out there?

    1. Thank you Blair!! I’ll convey the same to her!! Yeahh there are a lotta different ways in which a saree is draped in India 🙂 Will cover the same in a few posts in future 🙂

  3. I’ve never seen this style before. It’s so much different from our normal draping styles. Love it totally. And she looks totally gorgeous! <3

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