Winter Layering like a Pro


It is  not easy to master the art of layering like the Celebs do. You need to know the cuts, the materials and the silhouettes to be able to master the same like a pro-stylist. But, here’s a tutorial giving all the insights you need to get you there.

It is getting cooler here in India with the onset of Autumn,  and a perfect layer of clothes gives you an added edge to the look. Just remember these 5 steps:

  1. Pick a lighter, slim under-layer
  2. Add a funky or bold pullover or cardigan
  3. Then pick a jacket in a basic colour – blue, black, brown or military green
  4. Twirl that scarf around your neck, make sure this one is in the same colour palette as others or if your other 3 layers are in the basic neutral shade, then add a bold coloured or printed scarf.
  5. Top it off with accessories like watch, rings and bracelets

If you are quite an adventurer then try your hand at mixing prints and textures, but remember to belt it and define your waistline as heavy outer-wear could be voluminous and over-whelming. For a party look pick embellished sweater or studded jacket or a sequinned shrug.

Courtesy of: Alight


One of the best things about layering is that, this gives you the buffer while transitioning from Spring to Autumn. You can pick staples from your Spring wardrobe, and go on adding outer layers to make it autumn/fall appropriate, while keeping the layers light; whereas in winter, you might have to add heavier outerwear. I hope you learnt a little about ‘How to master the art of Layering’ through this post today. Don’t forget to leave in your comments here or You can also visit : Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin Pinterest




42 Replies to “Winter Layering like a Pro”

  1. This is super cute, easy to read and fun to follow! Going to try to piece an outfit for work together with layers!

  2. Great ideas and pictures! I agree about keeping the layers slim and using a belt.

    Amy Ann

  3. You spoke my heart out! Layering is such a difficult task, especially the aspect of looking heavy is hard to deal with. I love this info-graphic. Cool ideas 🙂

  4. This is such a great post about layering and I got really inspired 🙂
    Thans for sharing this!

  5. These are some very useful tips. I never wore skirt on a dress. That’s pretty daring. Thanks 🙂

  6. This is such a helpful & useful post! I am going to be trying these tips for sure!

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