DIY: Washer & Satin Ribbon Necklace



Like I always say I love DIYs and so, I’m constantly in search for easy and cool ones. Here is what I found this time around that took me only about an hour to finish with. A Washer and Satin ribbon Necklace!! All you need is just 2 items and you are sorted, customise it by using your choice of colours in both of them. I tried both the brass and the aluminum washers but liked the Brass one better. Pictures of both are here below.

Items you will need for the DIY Washer and Satin Ribbon Necklace:

  • Washers – I used 20 of the1/4 inch flat washers from the hardware store, You might find choices of aluminium and brass there. I picked both and tried both of them. But liked the Brass one better.
  • Satin ribbon – I used a ribbon that was about 40 inches long and 4/8 inch wide
  • A lighter or a match box

1) Leave the desired amount of length to the left of the first washer, I chose to leave about 14 inches (‘coz I wanted a tight necklace), with the working end of ribbon on the right. Slip two washers onto the ribbon.

2) Take the first washer and loop the right end of the ribbon back through it.


3) & 4) Now pull the right end of the ribbon through the second washer and pull tight.


Steps 5), 6), 7) & 8) Repeat, adding washers, until you get the desired length. I kept going, using a total of 20 washers, until I had 14 inches of ribbon left to match the left side.


Steps 9), 10) & 11) After you get to the end, hold the last washer & loop the ribbon through it one last time and knot the ribbon to finish.



The ribbon that I used was made out of satin with a mix of polyester. By waving the flame of a lighter over the ends for a second, you get clean edges of the cut ribbon.

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54 Replies to “DIY: Washer & Satin Ribbon Necklace”

  1. This looks amazing and I really like that it’s not that hard to do. Great job. Need to try it out. Great post.


  2. Your blog inspires me in so many ways! I hope one day my blog is as great as yours! xo


  3. AMAZING NECKLACE – Easy and funky too 🙂 Kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  4. You are so creative Chaitra…absolutely loved this DIY. Never imagined creating a neckpiece could be so simple!

  5. I am a huge DIY fan, and this is just so adorable. Thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Such cool piece! I am going to make it anytime now! Can we have some pictures of how did it look while wearing?

  7. Aha, how cool, I made one of these with bright green ribbon, I am yet to wear it, though 😉
    You seem to have more panache in styling with statement pieces. great style!


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