DIY: Tie & Dye Vest

Hello Everyone!This week I tried my hand at customising a white vest with Blue Vertical Stripes. Here’s how:Requirements:

1) A White Vest
2) Fabric Dye
3) Synthetic Gaurds/Bands or Thread make sections on the Vest

Step 1:
Fold the vest from top to the bottom in small pleats to get vertical lines. If you wish to have horizontal lines then you would have to fold it from left to right

Step 2:
Use the Synthetic Gaurds/Bands around the Vest to hold the sections firmly. The number of sections you want to make depends on the number of lines you’d want on it. I chose to have 7 sections so that I’d have 8 to 9 lines on the vest. Sometimes the sections you make can easily accomodate 2 lines depending on how thin you want the lines to be.
Tie Dye, How to Tie Dye

Step 3:
Now simply pour the Fabric Dye on the vest in between the sections, make sure you cover both sides.

Tie Dye, How to Tie Dye

Step 4:
Leave it undisturbed on a flat surface for about 8 hours to completely dry.

Step 5:
Remove the Bands carefully and *Ta*Da* you have a new Vest to flaunt 🙂

Tie Dye, How to Tie Dye
Before you wash it the first time dip it for about half an hour inside Salt Water Solution. Doing this would avoid the Dye from Blotting and spreading during the first wash. Make sure you use mild detergents for your first wash.
Hope you liked it ! Do try it at home to give your old Vests a new look and don’t forget to leave me your comments 🙂


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32 Replies to “DIY: Tie & Dye Vest”

  1. Wow, this is such a simple process that produces such lovely results! I feel kind of foolish after having paid twenty bucks for a top that looks identical to this one earlier this summer. LOL

  2. This is so awesome Chaithra! 😀 …When I started reading the post, honestly speaking, I didn’t expect the end result to be this good! 😀 This is such a simple, clever and great DIY! I am going to share this tomorrow on my FB page 🙂

  3. Good ol’ school technique 😀 My mom was a master of these type of things back then in her early twenties and thirties. It’s sucha fun to do Im sure x

  4. Dude, that DIY project came out pretty well! Creative 🙂 Btw, did you know that the background of your blog isn’t showing?

    1. Thank you Quinn!! I wasnt even sure it would turn out this good. Coz the first one was really bad.

      And about the Background .. Thank you for for letting me know I just set it right 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness this is amazing! It turned out so well. I’m usually not a tie die fan but the pattern was really wearable. It reminds me of primary school, experimenting with tie dye 🙂

  6. I’d be sure to go crazy with a fabric dye if I ever find any over here… thanks for the tutorial babe!

  7. What a great post!
    I’ve just got some dye from BzzAgent so Thank You for this fab way of making it more interesting
    Let’s make some T-shirts!

  8. Oh I love this idea! I’ve been looking for a way to customise some clothing for a while now, thanks for the post! Toni xxx

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