DIY: Studded Bangles


DIY, Studded Bangle,

I was going through the web for some DIY posts involving Studs and found this one fro Brit+Co which to be shared with y’all. If you love recycling old stuffs and giving them a new life then this onez a must-do for you!!

I’m sure you have a set of scratched-up bangles kicking around your jewelry box. Time to transform them into brand new bracelets – all you need is a handful of studs and your trusty needle-nose pliers. Best of all, they only take 15 minutes to make!

– studs in various sizes
– cheap bangles (try flea markets, a craft store, etc)
– needle-nose pliers

For single bangles, use small studs and attach them to each bangle with your pliers. Create any pattern you like.

For two bangles at a time, use the next size up.

DIY, Studded Bangle,

Here’s what I did with my old bangles:

DIY, Studded Bangle,

Here are a few more options for you:


Chaicy Sign

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17 Replies to “DIY: Studded Bangles”

  1. That was soo o easy! I just tried it and it looks Fab!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial ! I’ll try it! Love how you make DIY tutorials so easy!

  3. Wow! Simple yet Chic way of adding Punk to your look! Must try this!

  4. Oooh!! Wow!! Such an easy way of adding punk <3 Love it!!

  5. Easy Tutorial !! Will try it on a few of my bracelets!!

  6. I love how you gave a new life to old things <3

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