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DIY Bangles, Polki Silk Bridal Bangles, Vogue Trousseau Trails

Thanks to Vogue India’s article on the latest Must-Haves for Brides-to-be, I found this lovely picture of bangles make from silk and polki. This inspired me to write this D.I.Y. post. I know 2 ways of doing these bangles and this post will tell you of one of them, which is the easiest.


Polki Bangles Inspiration

 Soo here are all that you need for this D.I.Y: DIY Bangles, Polki Silk Bridal Bangles, Vogue Trousseau Trails

1) Fabrics of your choice: I picked Raw silk in pink in this post. Most of the fabrics I chose were leftovers from a few of my outfits. So I din’t really spend anything on them.

2) A few old bangles – preferably ones that are a size bigger than your normal size

3) DIY Studs or Nail Art Studs:  You can also pick Polkis or Kundan stones.

DIY Bangles, Polki Silk Bridal Bangles, Vogue Trousseau Trails

4) Metallic Laces in Gold, Copper

5) The usual tools of Trade : Scissors, Scale, Marker, Glue, a needle and thread

Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1:

Wrap the cloth around the bangle to see how much you need and mark the same. Cut the amount of cloth you need in Strips.

DIY Bangles, Polki Silk Bridal Bangles, Vogue Trousseau Trails

Step 2:

Now start rolling the strip around the bangle from left to right covering the area under and over the bangle. Glue the cloth to the surface on the inner rim of the bangle. Do the same until the whole bangle is covered. Another option is to sew it but this might take up a lot of time.

DIY Bangles, Polki Silk Bridal Bangles, Vogue Trousseau Trails

Step 3:

Now for the decoration of the bangle pick up those metallic laces you chose earlier. and wrap then around the bangle by bring the lace under and over the bangle. Make sure you glue the lace on the inner rim of the bangle.

DIY Bangles, Polki Silk Bridal Bangles, Vogue Trousseau Trails

Once this is done take another piece of cloth and glue it on the inner surface of the bangle to cover all the glued area making it look a li’l more neat.

If you wish you may stick on the studs to decorate it or leave it just as is. My suggestion is that you decorate this scantily ‘coz it might get a li’l over the top. I did leave a few without decoration.


 And now you have your very own Silk bangle to flaunt, that almost costed you nothing but a little less than an hour’s time.


It sure doesn’t look like the Inspiration pic because of lighting or various other reasons, but does serve the purpose. What do you think? Would love to hear your comments on this DIY !!


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20 Replies to “DIY: Silk Bangles”

  1. I love this idea!! is great for old bracalets we don´t use anymore!! normally I give them to the little girls in my family to play, but maybe I will save some for myself and this DIY!!


  2. These are cute Chaicy… my youngest daughter loves to do crafts, making her own jewelry would really interest her… very cute xox

  3. Though i am not a bangle girl, but surely going to give this a try. I am gonna embelish my silk bangles with colorful stones. 😀

  4. this is such a brilliant idea to make those boring looking old bangles fun and beautiful 😀

  5. This is lovely, I love the bright colours and you gotta love a bit of DIY 🙂

    Corinne x

  6. Aahha….Love these silk fancy bangles with amazing colors ! 🙂

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