DIY: Recycle Old Eye Shadows to Nail Colours


DIY nail enamel, Recycle Eye shadows,

This is one of my favourite DIYs and a very quick one at that! Here’s how:

Things you need:

  1. Old Eye Shadow
  2. Half Bottle of Clear Nail Colour
  3. Small Paper to make a funnel
  4. 2 Ball Bearings
  5. Plastic Bag
  6. Rolling Pin or Crushing Device



  1. Find an eyeshadow in the colour you want your nail polish.
  2. Crush the eyeshadow if necessary:  If your eyeshadow is a loose powder it is not necessary to crush it, but the solid blocks need to be crushed before they can be used. Put the eyeshadow into a plastic food bag and crush with a rolling pin.
  3. Make a tiny funnel. This is a super easy feat — just snip off a corner of an envelope or curl up a note card. Or if you have a small funnel already, fantastic. Lucky you! You won’t need the funnel ever again. If it’s not beautiful, that’s fine. Staple, glue, or tape it until it’ll do the job.
  4. Open the bottle of clear nail polish and position the funnel over the top. It should be in the neck of the bottle, but not emerged in the polish. To avoid having your cup overflow, make sure your clear nail polish isn’t entirely full. Half a bottle does well here. DIY nail enamel, Recycle Eye shadows,
  5. Using the funnel, pour in your eyeshadow. And if you have some glitter, add that too! Sparkly. The more eyeshadow you add, the richer the color.
  6. Add a couple of small steel ball bearings (if you have them) to the bottle. These make it quicker and easier to mix the polish, in addition to increasing the longevity of your polish.
  7. Shake the bottle until the pigment is evenly distributed. Then start painting on your masterpiece with a color you can name after yourself. You may need a couple of coats depending on the shade you want.
  8. Some shadows will come out very matte. If that’s not your style, just add a clear top coat on your nails to make them shiny


What do you think of this fun DIY? Do leave me your comments.


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22 Replies to “DIY: Recycle Old Eye Shadows to Nail Colours”

  1. I’ve seen this DIY before, and I find it super interesting. I think it’s a great way to upcycle products.

  2. omg are you serious!
    this is very genius ..
    and re-use my old eyeshadow which is already expire for my nail polish <3
    thank you for sharing ..

  3. OMG it’s interesting! Now I can have more nail colours already 😛 thanks for sharing 😀

  4. Nice nail DIY! I’m not doing great on nail art but I think I can do this. 🙂

  5. This is a great idea! Why don’t we use our old eyeshadow to make our own nail polish?! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You sure have picked some great pieces. My fav among jewellery thats Earrings….

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