DIY: Punk up your bag

Do it yourself: Adding a Punk look to your otherwise boring Black Faux Leather Tote
I finally finished the assignment of giving a Punk look to my Black and boring Tote. Here’s a brief illustration of the same so that you could do it yourself 😉
What you would need?
A Bag, a few Studs with clamps, Scissors.


Steps :
First please choose the clamps you would want to use. I chose ones in contrast hues i.e. white metal and dull gold. also in 2 different sizes.
Arrange them in the way you want them fastened

Now to affix them onto the bag, nudge the clamp into the bag’s surface so as to not leave additional marks on the surface.

Now turn the bag over and bend each of the clamp’s tooth so that they are fastened on the bag

Go on doing the same with each of the clamps

Wallaahh!! Here’s your bag looking all new !! 🙂
What do you think of it ? Do leave me your comments on what you think.
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7 Replies to “DIY: Punk up your bag”

  1. Wow this is a lovely DIY project, the bag looks so hardcore rocker after! But definitely in a fashionable way, I should try this myself as things with studs can be so strangely expensive sometimes and you can easily make things studded by yourself. Great tutorial post!

    xx Debbie

  2. Such a great idea dear.x I lve DIYs as they are the best way to keep an old item still usable and stylish! Will be definitely giving it a try. Have a lovely weekend!

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