DIY: Comic Print Shoes



Comic Couture is soo quirky, yet fashionable these days. I do love how those blazers are made from comic book shards that go – “Boom – Bam – Thud – Wham – Zoom”. My initial inspiration was from these booties I saw online on a website.


Here’s what you’d need:

  • Couple of old comic books (preferably not your favourite ones)
  • Glue
  • A pair of shoes – preferably with a smooth upper surface so that you can glue pictures on to them easily, yet in a stiff material to avoid cracks on the surface of the shoes, that otherwise bend around the edges easily.
  • Spatula or brush to spread the glue
  • Scissors.

comic book shoes_text


Cut out all those important lines from the books which have those big animated letters.

comic book

I do love it when the heroes get into epic fights and the lines read Wham-Blam-Screech etc.

comic words

 Apply glue to the hind and stick them on to the surface of the shoe piece by piece. Make sure you measure the amount of space the picture covers. It’s OK to overlap these strips, just make sure you do not cover up the important bits/dialogues. Make sure you take care while gluing around the edges.

comic book instructions

 And Tadaaaa!! Your superhero comic print shoes are ready!!! Totallyy Awesome!! 🙂 But this is a slow process. I took about 3 hours to finish this. And you need to give a day or two to dry completely.

finfal shoes 1

You could do the same with newspapers or old maps.



Let me know if you try this !



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17 Replies to “DIY: Comic Print Shoes”

  1. This is an amazing idea! I’m a total geek, so I’d love to try this out myself.

    How long does it usually last? Meaning how long until the comic strips, for example, start to come off? I imagine the shoes won’t hold up well against water too, right?

  2. Wow, this is super cool and brilliant… your an artist I say, love the idea, comic shoes…

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