DIY : Braided fabric Necklace

Last week, I was rummaging through my sewing supplies box and found a couple of things that could be turned into a necklace. So I went ahead and made one… Here’s how you could do the same too ūüôā
Stuff from my box:

·         An old broken bead bracelet.
·         Some bits of fabric in 3 different colors and textures.
·         Needle and thread to do up the edges.

This is how you go about it:

  • Cut 2 strips in each of the fabrics with these measurements: 35″ length x 1/2″ width. You will have 6 strips. Also 2 small triangles to finish the ends.I have left the¬†edges¬†raw because I like the frayed finish.
  • Now braid the strips into two braids. I used some paperweight to hold one end as I was braiding.
  • Use a small bit of thick thread or a piece of fabric to thread through the huge beads in whichever order you like. I also made small knots after the beads so they don’t slip before the necklace is complete.¬†
  • Sew or fabric glue the two braids and the beaded piece of fabric as per below. Do the other side using the same method.


  • Now use the triangular piece of fabric to wrap the rough edge and sew it neatly.


  • Find a dress or blouse to match and wear it proudly ūüôā


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed doing it. Do leave me your comments.
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9 Replies to “DIY : Braided fabric Necklace”

  1. LOVE the result! And the color combination is so beautiful…u should really sell them ^^


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