Me, My Niece and Allen Solly Junior !


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Did you know.. its been raining here in Bangalore for the past 2 days? Not too much though just a li’l drizzly and gloomy! And its Friday too.. Perfect time to take an off from work and sip a cuppa by the window 😉 Ain’t it? Well.. apparently not.. my niece wouldn’t let that happen; since it’s Children’s Day she wanted me to take her out! So I decided to take her out shopping at the Allen Solly Junior Store ‘coz I was told that they have a new collection on the stands!

Allen Solly Brand1

She was thrilled ‘coz she usually complains that I don’t spend enough time with her!! *Sigh* I wish.. I wish I were a kid like her with no worries in the world and that I could spend all my time playing Lego’s or whatever it is, that kids these days play !

Anyway .. it was time for us to play a li’l “Dress-Up” ! 🙂

Girls Collection display

She loved what was in store for her! The candy colours in bright pinks, yellows and blues.. The prints in floral, hearts and stars.

She’s a fan of jackets, so ran to the section, picked up a turquoise blue bomber jacket and said “Chikki, this is cute and in fashion this season .. can I get it in my size! plzzzzz”. 🙂

I was like whaaa…. She’s a fashionista.. my niece !! *I thought*

We then peeped into the boys section!

Boys Collection 1

It was filled with the season’s latest staples i.e., Ts and sleeved shirts in solid colours, gingham checks and nautical prints.

What I loved was this ‘Antelope’ shirt, a camouflage hoodie and a tweed jacket.

Allen Solly Juniors, Winter 2014 Collection

Yet again she goes straight to the Jackets section, picks up this blue ‘Varsity’ jacket and said “Chikki, this one would suit Atul na, my boyfriend !! He is fair.. so will look great on him na! “

I was like ‘OMG!! this kid is a rage! She knows everything!’

And you know what else she loved – The Logo! She said “Chikki – the Antelope is soo fun and colourful na!!” Even the store had a few colourful Antelope heads (Of course they aren’t real! Duhh!)

Allen Solly Brand2

Its Children’s Day y’all!! What did y’all do for the li’l ones around you :)?


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19 Replies to “Me, My Niece and Allen Solly Junior !”

  1. This is my first time hearing about childrens day. I don’t really have any young children around me tbh but maybe a day of baking and having messy fun!

  2. ohh, our children’s day used to be 1st oct and then got updated to be first sunday of october! i love the clothes line, so colourful and pretty!

  3. I love Allen Solly and their junior collection looks great too. I think it is time to go shopping with my nephew 🙂 GIG

  4. I don’t have any young children living at home with me, but I know if I was a kid I’d use the day to convince my dad to get me something. Haha.

  5. Such a great blog post! I have a niece and a nephew and I like to take them to the park or something when I spend time with them. They love to play! xoxo giglove

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