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Jewelry Care: Do’s and Dont’s

It’s safe to say that jewellery is one of our most cherished and most intimate of all the accessories we own. I’ve seen heirlooms passed down generations, It is because … Continue readingJewelry Care: Do’s and Dont’s

How to get that ‘no makeup look’?

Natural beauty is always admired and so is the “no makeup look”! We all love that flawless look, especially the one worn by our favorite celebs. So how do they … Continue readingHow to get that ‘no makeup look’?

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Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Skin!

Skin care is not something that is to be taken lightly. Skin care is one among the top priorities for most of us out there. We girls go through hours … Continue readingWays You Might Be Sabotaging Your Skin!

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Monsoon Work Wardrobe

  It’s a work day again, and you are wondering what to wear? Monsoon brings in that gloom and the need to add a dash of uncertainty. It could be … Continue readingMonsoon Work Wardrobe

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DIY: Polymer Clay Trinket Bowl

With accessories multiplying in geometric progression, a simple DIY Trinket Bowl idea seemed like ‘need of the hour’. Plus, these days wardrobe organizers / decorative storage bowls cost a bomb … Continue readingDIY: Polymer Clay Trinket Bowl