Black is Black


KAZO Autumn Winter Collection, Fashion Trends 2014, Black is Black

I know .. I know.. Black is boring and out of date … but I can’t help it, I still keep going back to black. Especially this beautiful embellished dress from Kazo. Couldn’t keep my eyes off it.

KAZO Autumn Winter Collection, Fashion Trends 2014, Black is Black

Which is why I wanted to call this post Black is Black (Of Course reminds me of that song from that Spanish band Los Bravos) ! I mean there’s no other colour that can look as awesome on anyone except for black.

KAZO Autumn Winter Collection, Fashion Trends 2014, Black is Black

As usual I love a clutter free look! The silhouette of this is superb with a cinch around my waist and the long flowy material gives the illusion of me being tall and thin ‘n all that 😉 !! Since there are already stones embellished on the top half of the dress I din’t add a necklace, ‘coz it would have been a distraction to the dress.

Black Embellished Dress, Sequin Clutch and Black Bead Clutch: Kazo

Black Pointed Shoes with Silver studs: Lifestyle Store, Oasis Centre, Koramangala, Bangalore

Lipstick: M.A.C. Retro Matte in Red

Instead, I picked up these embellished ‘Pointy Toe’ Shoes and the embellished clutch to add more glitter. There were two options in the clutch one in black and the other in silver sequins. Pick out which ever you like!

And here are a few of my picks for this season. Scroll them over:

Photo Credits: Haarika Reddy

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36 Replies to “Black is Black”

  1. Chaicy, I love black, it is a color I use often and this dress looks so adorable on you, I love it… really great choice… have a lovely weekend xox

  2. You looks stunning in black Chaicy …I think black will never out of date its forever.. Specially liked Pointy Toe shoes.. Followed you

  3. I must say that you look stunning in that one! Simple yet lovely styling!

  4. Black isn’t boring!!!! I think black is chic and timeless. I really love that black dress because it’s so elegant! xoxo giglove

  5. You look very pretty! I agree with you. Black is the only color that looks flattering on anyone! giglove

  6. Wow.. you are gorgeous!!!! Nice dress. I love black. Black is always classic.. giglove

  7. Unfortunately I don’t agree with you; black isn’t boring; black can be fun and elegant and magical… it all depends what you pair it with

  8. I don’t think black is boring. XD
    Love your choices though. Your photos are so pretty too

  9. nice dress! it’s not too overkill for a long dress, yet not too casual to maintain its femininity.

  10. Black will never be outdated and boring!! Black is one life saver colour!! =D Cause it matches with everything

  11. WOW! That dress is so beautiful! I now want one exactly like it ^^


  12. That dress is so simple yet so elegant. I really love it an you look great in it.

  13. the first outfit is my favorite, very elegant. one can never go wrong with black.gig

  14. Really black is evergreen and you’re simply looking awesome in this cool attire, black is a perfect color option for any of the occasion.

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