Beauty Routine: Ayurvedic and Natural Products

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Ayurvedic / Natural Beauty Routine

I’ve recently updated my Beauty bag, with a few natural and ayurvedic products, to see what the hype is all about. And I must say that, the whole natural and ayurvedic take on my beauty routine has proved beneficial for the last 2 months of its use. My skin surely feels much softer and livelier. Here is a list of what I added to my Beauty routine this summer:


1. Suganda – Neem Green Tea Mask

This neem mask infused with green tea works wonders on less oily skin. Undoubtedly neem leaves are the most complex ones on this planet, and their medical, cleansing, purifying and healing properties helps your skin rejuvenate and gain spa like experience with all the anti-oxidants that the green tea extracts on your skin.

2. Organic Therapie – Insta Clear Marks Clay

Go organic! Go healthy! This summer go organic with the organic therapie insta clear marks clay, which is most effective on the dark blemishes and pigmentation, for even rigid ones. Exfoliate your damaged skin cells with this product, which has a deep earthly fragrance.

3. SAND – Turmeric Face Cleanser

This product with its pepper-like aroma and yellow color acts as your scrub against acne and dark spots. There is a guaranteed instant glow with its usage. The product also reduces any excess oil segregation, which is a must use for this summer.

4. FabIndia – Tea Tree Toner

For the ones who enjoy aromatic oils of tea tree and earthly scents of turmeric, this alcohol free toner is the best way to treat your oily skin. Tea tree toner helps you shrink unclogged pores, clean the piled up dirt and grime. Revitalize your acne prone skin with this herbal product and witness the MAGIC!!

5. Sattvik – Fresh Rose Skin Toner

A toner is a must if you experience dirt and pollution on a daily basis. The carrot seeds and rose used in this product assures deep pore cleansing and discourages the growth of acne. The produst is naturally fragrant with the presence of rose. If your skin is sensitive the sugar present in its petals assures smooth and moisturized skin.

6. Sattvik – Anti Marks Serum

This serum with “BAGHUCHI” concentration seeps deep into your skin and restores the damaged tissues. It is light weight with strong fragrance which is accurate for blemishes and spots. Helps discolor dark spots and brightens your skin eventually.

These have sure help rejuvenate my skin and have seen a considerable amount of improvement in my acne prone skin. Have you tried any of these yet? If so, leave your comments here and don’t forget to reach us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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