SkinCare: B&B Hydrating Gardenia And Fresh Rain


Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapstiche, bath and body hydrating gardenia fresh rain body lotion reviewBath and body works is one of the top retail brands in US of A. Their extensive product range includes shower gels, lotions, fragrance mists, perfumes, candles, and home fragrances. They specialize mainly in hand soaps, shower gels and home fragrances. One of the top rated bath and beauty products brand operates more than 1600 stores. Here I am to review one of its exclusive Holiday Special Signature Collection – Gardenia and Fresh Rain.

This body lotion is loaded with vitamin E and Shea butter. As for the fragrance, they give a dainty aroma of fresh gardenia, spring rain, cool bergamot and sun kissed musk. Not to forget the influence of Shea butter, which adds its sweet scent to the fragrance list.

Packaging: They come in a sturdy and durable transparent plastic container. This bottle contains 88 ml of the lotion. And yes, it is travel friendly.

Price: Did I mention this exclusive product of limited edition? Well, it is! They usually come in a set of 3 for 20$ in US.





What I like and don’t like :

The body lotion is set to make your skin softer and pliable. They leave your skin with ample hydration through out the day. It is best recommended when your skin feels dry and parched during winters. I absolutely love this product, since the results were fast and lasting on me. They last good 7 hours on me. When applied one can smell earthy odor of fresh rain and flirty floral scents of gardenias.

Only disappointing factor is they’re not readily available in India. And for the fresh gardenia fragrance lovers, let me tell you, you don’t smell them for more than 3 hours, after that its usually a mild lingering floral scent. And another fly in the cup is, it contains paraben 🙁 Well I would rate it 4/5 for the moisturising part (minus one because it contains paraben) and 3/5 for the staying power of fragrance.


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