Actor Tina Desai in a Pria Kataaria Puri Creation at Finale of Day 2 BPBFW 9

Collection note – Day 2

Parul Potlia:

Collection Name: Holi Color

Collection Brief: Wanting to do something different, Parul chooses outfits made of DENIM, which is a party wear, along with INDIAN EMBROIDERY.  Parul makes use of the yellow and pink colors. Colors play an important role in one’s costume. They can express feelings, emotions, mood, etc.

Yellow is a warm color It represents: Positive Points – mind and intellect, happiness and fun, communication of new ideas, creativity, friendliness, emotional strength, self-esteem, confidence, optimism.

Pink is a cool color It represents: Positive Points – physical tranquility, nurture, warmth, femininity, love, sexuality, survival of the species.

Nirvika Sharma:

Label Name: Nixilicious

Designer Brief: After attaining my graduation from International institute of fashion design I explored various fashion strata in designing, merchandising and apparel marketing. After an abundant experience I exuberantly created my label ‘Nirvika Sharma’  and conducted exhibitions at many cities across India and started assisting for movies like Hate story, Namak kuch jyada, Tamnchey, 1920’s sequel vice versa and have now independently established myself as a stylist for Sony entertainment television and an in house designer for Anurish media private Limited for their movie ventures and also work as a fashion scout for an online magazine called . Have styled and design bollywood celebrities like Esha and Ahana Deol, Paoli Dam, Ashutosh Rana, Ranjit ji, Govind namdeo, Om puri, Rajneesh Duggal and upcoming actress Mansha to name a few. Also designing ethnic wear for the DJ’s of Tomorrow land Wolf pack, Rubean and Likemike for their event lined in Belgium.

Shallabh Mittal:

Label Name: Shallabh Radhika

Collection Name: Shallabh Radhika FW -13

Collection Brief: Shallabh Radhika FW -13 collection is very elegant, classy and contemporary. Each piece and design is unique in its own way in terms of design cut and a great deal of attention is paid into the detailing of the collection .There is hours of hand work involved in each piece without making it look too over done.

Dianna Marjana Kovacevic:

Label Name: Sarikini

Collection Brief: Sarkini epitomises sensuality, elegance, simplicity and romance. The first collection provides women from the Western culture and the Asian culture to wear a sari with the difference, that is fuss free and a comfortable garment. One of the designs of Sarkini is a mini sari, which is innovative and popular with the younger generation. Fabrics utilised for the first collection are traditional and sourced from various parts of India.

The second collection maintains the integrity of the concept but the journey continues into what is the further modernization of the design in its choice of fabrics, ranging from leopard print, velvet with sequins and lace. All fabrics chosen are luscious in color.

The current collection of Sarkini continues its celebration of the female form, sophistication and glamour. All of which epitomise the modern, confident woman.

Narendra and Pawan:

Collection Name: Ravishing Rosette

Collection Brief: “Ravishing Rosette” is inspired by the Victorian resembling Roses. It is a blend of Indian craftsmanship with glamorous western silhouettes to create an enigmatic distinctive look through ensembles that are traditional yet contemporary.

The collection is based on embroidered net, silk, laces with hues of Ivory, Gold, Fuchsia, Wine, Rose Pink, Shades of Blue & Green.

Pria Kataaria Puri:

Collection Name: Luxury Resort Collection 2013

Collection Brief: The Flowery Kingdom of China, one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations, has been taking the world forward for decades. Whether it is technological advancements, rich history, fearless warriors, or elegant women, this eastern land has taken the planet by storm. Even spiritual values and ethical belief systems like Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism have had worldwide influences. Focusing on spiritual development, and connecting to the true nature of life have always been part of Buddhist beliefs, yet values that have never been more needed by society than they are today. PKP’s new collection, Kingdom Of Fleur (Kingdom Of Flowers) is a journey of reinventing ourselves, and getting in touch with the most beautiful creation: nature. Pria’s inspiration roots from oriental and tropical flowers like Cherry Blossoms, Azaleas, and Camellias. The vibrant and contrasting use of neon greens, sunny yellows, tomato reds, and monochromatic black and whites emphasize the inspiration taken from nature, in all its various forms. Black piping’s and crystal borders are further used as embellishments to add to Pria’s bold and oriental prints. 

That’s all for Day 2 but do come back for more updates! 🙂 

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