Have You Tried Activated Charcoal Yet?


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Activated charcoal!! It’s all we are hearing these days. Let me tell you it’s not without a good reason. In fact many skin and hair care products sport activated charcoal to be their main ingredient. As we all know activated charcoal is specifically the proceeds from carbon. It is known for adsorption, yes its adsorption and not absorption; it is the adhesion of the molecules, ions and atoms to a surface. In the same manner when used on skin and hair they tend to remove all the excess dirt, oils and unclog the pores. They are used in various natural treatments. They’re known to remove the toxins from the body when consumed as per expert advice. They not only detox the system, but also help in various severe cases such as alcohol poisoning, drug overdose and venomous animal and insect bites.

The list of benefits of activated charcoal in various arenas’ goes on and on! But lets steer clear from everything apart from skin and hair care. Usually they’re made out of various sources. It is advisable to use the ones made out of coconut shells for all the medicinal purposes.

When I say skin and hair care I was talking about how activated charcoal can be used with other ingredients and products to make cleansers, scrub, facemasks, lip scrubs, bath salts, eyeliner, shampoo’s etc. Here’s a little brief about all the Do-It-Yourself products out of activated charcoal.

    • Cleansers and scrubs- when used in the form of cleansers and scrub the results are really miraculous. They remove all the impurities from the pores and make sure to exfoliate your skin. You can mix them with some honey, milk or even sugar to use them as scrubs. Apply the paste all over the face and massage gently. Rinse off with water to see the results.
    • Facemasks – the ingredients you need to prepare a facemask with activated charcoal are rose water, aloe vera gel, and tea tree essential oil. Mix all the ingredients in equal quantities (apart from tea tree essential oil, 2-3 drops should be sufficient). Apply the paste to rinse off with water after a few minutes. TADA!!! Here’s another DIY to clear black heads. All you need to do is mix the charcoal with bentonite clay and baking soda. Repeat the same procedure and its done.

activated charcoal uses and benefits skincare, indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche


    • Lip Scrubs – well this is easy. Just honey, sugar and charcoal will do all the magic! The results are quick and instantaneous.
    • Bath salts – A little of Epsom salt, essential oil of you choice and activated charcoal can do so much good to your skin. This will help remove all the dirt and impurities from the skin.
    • Eyeliner – mix some activated charcoal powder with saline solution and you a eyeliner gel at your disposal.
    • Shampoo – adding some activated charcoal to your shampoo, will for sure gets rid of toxins and ensure healthy scalp conditions. They also add volume to your hair and make them look lustrous.
    • Teeth whitening – activated charcoal powder be used with toothpaste to remove stains and plaque from the teeth.

Caution: You’ll need gallons of moisturizer if your skin is sensitive or dry. As mentioned above they pull all the excess oil from the skin. Hence use honey or milk to reduce its effect.


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  1. I did not know it had that many uses! The shampoo fact is very interesting!

  2. God knows when will I take care of myself by using such tips. Am not much good at it Chaicy. But sure gratitude to you for sharing this with us 😀

  3. I have actually heard and read a lot about activated charcoal and it’s benefit on our skin. Thanks for the information up there. It just pushed me to take a step. Heading over to Amazon and ordering some right away. I need to see how it works on my skin. 🙂

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