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I hope you have read my previous post on Acro Yoga, this pose is a slight variation from the previously shared Front Bird pose, If not then click here. Acro Yoga is a holistic combination of Acrobatics and Yoga, usually done by two or more people; it requires quite a lot of strength and balance than for normal Yoga practice. Acro Yoga improves physical and mental health, through postures that require balance and grace at the same time.

How to do the Acro Yoga / Arial Bow Pose pose:

  1. One of the partners will be lying on the floor with legs elevated towards the sky, the pose looks like an ‘L’ shape. This partner is known as ‘the base’
  2. Next, the other partner i.e. ‘the flyer’ walks towards ‘the base’, making sure that she/he is standing parallel to the base’s legs
  3. Now the base’s feet are centered on the flyer’s front hip-bones/ lower belly, the flyer can hold hands like they are about to do “down-dog” (fingers forward)
  4. The flyer leans forward on the base’s feet, Allowing the base to take your weight on his/her legs.
  5. The base has to keep her/his core straight and strong, so that the base’s toes do not hurt the flyer’s stomach
  6. Next step is that the flyer slowly leaves one hand to grab his/her ankle, followed by the next hand.
  7. Stay in the pose for a few seconds and embrace the stretch and the freedom


Caution: Acro Yoga is a vigorous practice that needs to be done under expert guidance, as the exercises are tough and need supervision to be meticulously performed to avoid injury.

Objective of this pose : The Arial Bow Pose brings in an advanced stretch and balance, teaching the flyer to be comfortable letting go of any support, where as for the base it tests her/his strength

Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, how to do acro yoga bow pose

Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, how to do acro yoga bow pose

This pose was performed by Archana & Pradeep Mehta

Photo Credits Haarika Reddy

Hope this was a fun read on Acro Yoga’s – Arial Bow Pose. In the end it is all about having faith in your partner to achieve the pose while the flyer gets all the thrill and stretch at the same time too. Have you done Acro Yoga before? If so, Do leave me your comments here, or you can reach me on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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