5 Bags in your wardrobe


suede by devina juneja, 5 bags in every girls wardrobe, indian fashion blog

It sure makes sense to not buy a dozen bags, and just keep them in the wardrobe unused; Not like I do this often, but I try not to shop unnecessarily. The idea is to keep just 4 or 5 bags handy and replace them every season. This post will show you the season’s most wanted bags, that you’d want to go with a minimalist wardrobe, like mine.

1) Multi-tasking Bag – Neutral Colour

A White Quilted bag is perfect to meet this need, it’s perfect with your work wear or for a night out with girls. You could pick a similar bag in Beige, Tan, Blue or Black.

5 bags in every girls wardrobe, formal white quilted bag

2) Bright Messenger bag

Casual or sporty messenger bags in eclectic colours to suit your casual outfits. They also give a pop of colour to your look. The hot colours trending on the radar ore Greens, Yellows and Hot Pinks

suede by devina juneja, 5 bags in every girls wardrobe, blue sporty bag

3) Black Sling

A “go-to” small black sling to suit all your outfits and that is easy to carry around, yet hold all your valuables for putting together a last minute look. Courtesy: AMI Clubwear

5 bags in every girls wardrobe, black small clutch, indian fashion blog

4) Tote

A huge Shopping Tote to carry all that you shop for, without letting you down on style. The one that I have is a faux-croc leather one and it holds all the other 4 bags, yes it’s that big. Courtesy – Front Row Shop

5 bags in every girls wardrobe, Black faux leather tote

5 bags in every girls wardrobe, Black faux leather tote, indian fashion blog

5) Dressy Clutch

A lovely handcrafted clutch in metallics for all those dressy event looks. This lovely clutch is courtesy of Suede by Devina Juneja. I love it’s heart shaped clasp and the lovely woven designs.

suede by devina juneja, 5 bags in every girls wardrobe, gun metal clutch. indian fashion blog

Which bags do you think are a must-have this season in your wardrobe? Do leave me your comments here or you can reach me on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin Pinterest


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P.S.: Some of the items were courtesy of the mentioned brands, but my views remain unbiased.


22 Replies to “5 Bags in your wardrobe”

  1. The light blue messenger bag is my favourite!! *-*
    Great selection dear and amazing photos! *-*

  2. This article is just an excuse to gi and buy some more bags. Love such articles. 🙂

  3. For me a cross body is very important. Also I hate white bags and prefer a beige one instead… Works as a neutral one for me.
    This was a great read dear 😊❤️

  4. Wow.
    I have all kinds of bags except the dressy clutch and I should say I am not a big fan of clutch. It needs constant attention! I prefer sling bags, but they are not good for a say, a marriage!
    Phew, there goes my plan to save !

  5. This was a helpful piece! I love white bags but they turn off-color pretty soon, so I go in for a tan or beige one. Racy pink with orange is my new fav. A black one of course, a tote for all reasons and seasons, and a demure chic clutch or two! Nice post! And thanks for visiting my space 🙂

  6. Great bag choices! I agree. It’s nice to have a variety that still meet all your needs.

    Amy Ann

  7. Being a New Yorker and living in NY where I am always on foot or public transit I can need a big bag. I have two really good bags and a third that is fun. But I am in the market for another one for spring.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  8. I need to have these basic items in wardrobe. Time to shop 🙂 Love the sling and the tote.

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